International Schools

The purpose of school facilities planning with international schools is to create a flexible and comprehensive planning tool that will guide facility and site development decisions for both the short-term (5 to 10 years) and the long-term (20+ years). To improve the budgeting process, the team will be seeking “prioritized” Action Plans that take into account the “remaining useful life” of the school facilities and infrastructure. However, it should be understood that the concept of “remaining useful life” may require modification or adjustment to fit the realities of a particular location. The planning goal is an enduring campus plan that will enhance the education vision and mission, allowing the school to continue to deliver high quality, cost-effective, and appropriate learning opportunities to the patrons – the students of the “expatriate community”. The team believes that improvements to the quality of our learning environments is one way to achieve those outcomes. The IDA team also believes the most useful planning results will come from a participatory process involving all of our stakeholders (parents, students, teachers, administrators, and the Board of Directors), a process wherein all stakeholders have a vested interest in the outcomes – everyone “owns” and supports the plan.

Pre K-12 School Facilities Master Plans

Our IDA team’s approach to master planning is linked to a clear understanding of educational requirements gained through interaction with the multiple constituencies of the school district. The team combines educational program and capacity analyses with definition of capital development needs. The mission, organizational objectives and academic goals of the school district are substantiated and advanced through development of a credible long-range plan for capital improvement. Responding to defined instructional program needs, pre-design facilities planning establishes the overall framework for infrastructure improvements, site development, facility renovation, and new construction. The pre-design facility evaluation and planning effort (problem definition) is complemented by our team’s collaborative approach to project design (problem solution). Our team of facility planners and project designers work closely with clients to deliver the school buildings and campus improvements that are required to “convert curriculum to space”.

Higher Ed Campus Master Plans

The campus master plan or facilities master plan establishes the overall framework for capital development (construction or renovation) for all campus facilities. Based on the university leadership’s vision for the institution, school mission and thrust of a successful future can be facilitated by a credible long-range plan for accomplishing goals within appropriate capital budget limits. Through orderly development of the planning process leading to publication of a facilities master plan, the team requires effort in three distinct phases as follows: Phase 1: Needs Assessment, Phase 2: Baseline Documentation, and Phase 3: Master-plan Development. The Plan is well defined to allow flexibility for modifications, which inevitably occur, in the university’s dynamic environment. The campus plan will identify those capital projects that are appropriate to the mission of the university and that most effectively utilize the campus site. The campus master plan will address the enhancement of the internal campus environment, as well as compatibility with the surrounding community.