International Schools

American International School of Budapest

The Board of Trustees contacted with IDA to develop a school facilities master plan that included educational specifications for a new school. The master plan recommended a new grade five through twelve school. IDA assisted in site development and developed comprehensive educational specifications for the new school. After the school was constructed and occupied, IDA was again contracted to merge the all grades on the new schools site. The developed educational specifications for the new elementary school resulted in a merged campus of pre-kindergarten through grade twelve students.

Davy College (International PK-2-12): Cajamarca, Peru

Davy College was an existing international school that desired to implement an International Baccalaureate program and needed assistance with an accommodating facility solution. IDA developed a campus master plan that resulted in the construction of a new science/mathematics building, a replacement building for the Initiale Program (ages 2-5), a new library, and new student dining area.

American International School of Lagos Nigeria

AISL conducted an American curriculum school program for PK-4 through 9 only and had a desire to create a new high school program with accommodating facilities through grade twelve. IDA developed a school facilities master plan for the existing facilities and the new high school and subsequently developed two educational specifications for future expansion for a merged PK-4 through grade 12 and a grade 9-12 facility. The Board of Managers approved a new school site and facility for the grade 9-12 high school program along with new expanded on-site staff residential housing.